How to organise the ultimate kids' karaoke party

Birthday parties are so exciting for kids, but as parents it can be a little stressful as you try and come up with new themes year after year.

There's only so many dinosaur, pirate and unicorn themed parties you can throw right? So, this year why not choose something a little different…


From our experience here at BigKidCo, most kids love to perform, especially if it's in your living room, so we can't think of a better way to celebrate your child's birthday than with a karaoke themed party!

To help you get started, here are a few tips for throwing a super fun kids' karaoke party! 

Karaoke themed invitations

Get everyone excited about the karaoke party with custom-designed, karaoke themed invitations. Invitations that resemble tickets or a backstage pass will create some hype and ramp up excitement levels. 

Barbie Karaoke party wallpaper

Set the stage

You can't have karaoke without a stage! It doesn't have to be fancy, especially if you're throwing the party at home. A backdrop and good lighting is enough to create a fun atmosphere for all the little performers.

To take it to the next level and create the ultimate backdrop for your kids' karaoke party, we recommend our BigKidCo Barbie Stage Wallpaper Mural. The kids will have so much fun singing and dancing in front of this removable wallpaper mural that comes complete with curtains and lots of Barbie sparkles! 

The best part is that it's super easy to install. Simply spray the back of the wallpaper with water and apply it to your wall. If it needs to be repositioned or realigned, it can be done within the first 10-minutes of installation. 

Live in a rental property? No worries, the Barbie Stage Wallpaper Mural can be easily removed, simply soak with water and peel it off. 

Music and speakers

If you're like most parents, you're probably looking for the easiest option. 

A karaoke machine is probably the simplest way to set up karaoke at home. They are specially designed for this purpose and usually include microphones, speakers and amplifiers. Karaoke machines are great if you don't have any audio/visual experience. 

Barbie Themed Party


You can't have a party without decorations! Disco balls, balloons, garlands, let your imagination run wild! Why not add some extra fun wall art to your Barbie themed karaoke party with our Barbie Extra Wall Art

Costumes and make-up

We love dress-ups and your kids will too! 

While not essential, costumes will bring lots of fun and excitement to your kids' karaoke party. All you need is a box of second-hand clothes, hats and other accessories near the stage, so kids can pick an outfit before they start their performance. 

If you don't have a box of dress-ups, another option is to make it a dress-up party - just don't forget to write it on the invitation! 


Transform your little rockstars before they go on stage with a little glitz and glamour. Make-up is a fun way to get performers into character before their performance. 

Party games

Karaoke will most likely keep the kids entertained throughout the party, but you might need to organise a few other party games to keep everyone occupied. 

At BigKidCo we have Barbie Creative Art that's perfect for kids' parties. Guests can colour or paint their favourite Barbie characters, then take their A3 adhesive art home to put it on their bedroom wall. 

A fun playlist

Organising a playlist of all your child's favourite songs before the party is essential. When you send out the party invitations, ask the guests to suggest their favourite songs when they RSVP, so everyone gets to contribute to the party tunes.

Snacks and treats

Singing and dancing is hard work, so you'll want to have plenty of yummy snacks and treats on-hand for your budding singers. Serve up your child's favourite snacks to keep the party going! 

So what are you waiting for, you better get started organising your Barbie themed Karaoke party today! Order now to ensure you have your Barbie Stage Wallpaper Mural is delivered on-time!