Avoid these 4 common mistakes when decorating kids' bedrooms

How much fun is it decorating kids' bedrooms!! At BigKidCo we love it, but what we don't love is when a few months after a decorating extravaganza you realise something you should have done differently! 

Maybe you purchased beautiful carpet only to realise, wood floors would've been easier to clean, or you bought furniture that just didn't work. There are a few common mistakes parents make when decorating children's bedrooms, here are four we think you should avoid. 

MISTAKE 1: Not involving your kids

How much you involve your kids in the decorating process will obviously depend on their age, however we recommend including them in the decision making process as much as you can. 

It's easy to get carried away with what 'you want', but don't forget it's your kids who will be spending the majority of their time in this bedroom. Empower them by letting them choose elements such as bedding, wallpaper or a piece of art

If your little one is a Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks or Barbie fan, jump online with them and choose some great art for their walls. BigKidCo has a huge collection of wall art, either 3mm acrylic or spray and up art that is perfect for kids' bedrooms. 

MISTAKE 2: Not leaving space for fun and creativity

When it comes to decorating kids' bedrooms, less is definitely more. Many parents make the mistake of trying to cram too much furniture or too many toys into a bedroom, only to realise later that there isn't enough space for fun and creativity. 

Say no to big, heavy furniture and say yes to space-saving furniture that can be moved or repurposed to make room for play. Perhaps it's a shelf incorporated into a bedhead or toy drawers under their bed, having room for play is important and should be prioritised above everything else. 

Mistake 3: Leaving bedroom walls unprotected

Every parent has at least one story about their kids unleashing their 'creativity' on the walls! Leaving your walls plain and unprotected can inadvertently encourage little ones to brighten up their space. How do you avoid this?

One of the best ways to avoid your little artists getting creative on the walls is to cover them with wallpaper. At BigKidCo we have a big range of Barbie, Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks licensed wallpaper.

Whether your kids want something bright and colourful like our Hot Wheels Race Team Wallpaper, or Barbie Extra Wallpaper, we have a variety of colours, patterns and designs to suit every little personality.   

Mistake 4: Not planning for your kids to grow

When decorating a kid's bedroom you need to plan for the future. Kids grow up fast and what they like and dislike changes over time. However you decorate the space should be able to be changed and adapted as they grow. 

The great thing about BigKidCo Wallpaper is it's easy to install and it can easily be taken down. It's as simple as spraying the wallpaper with water and peeling it off! This makes our wallpaper great for rental properties too! 

Check out our range of vibrant wallpaper for kid's rooms at BigKidCo!