Why our wallpaper is perfect for kids' bedrooms

At BigKidCo we love decorating, and as you can probably tell, our favourite spaces to bring to life are kids bedrooms! They are full of colour and vibrant energy and with a little creativity you can create practical, yet fun and playful bedroom designs. 

Our passion has been the inspiration behind the BigKidCo's range of fun wallpaper designs, especially created for kids' nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms. 

Our extensive range of Barbie wallpaper, Hot Wheels wallpaper and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks wallpaper come in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. This means it's easy to find a style your children will love. We have something for everyone!

We can't think of a better way to incorporate these iconic toys into your child's bedroom design. Whether you go all out with a Barbie themed room, or just add a touch of vroom with Hot Wheels wallpaper, your kids will adore these fun and engaging designs. 

We know what you're thinking - wallpaper, really?  But it's such a pain to hang on the wall! 

This couldn't be further from the truth! At BigKidCo we've made it super easy to install our wallpaper. It's simple to install and can be removed without a trace, which is great for rental properties!  

What makes BigKidCo wallpaper so different? 

You can create an exciting background for your child's bedroom with our range of licensed wallpaper. And the best part, it's as easy as ABC to install. 

Get ready to enjoy a new generation of pre-pasted wallpaper! 

Installation is quick and hassle-free, it can be realigned and repositioned in the first 10 minutes and you'll have it on the wall in no time! 

Installation - no fuss or mess!

  1. Measure and cut the wallpaper to fit your wall. 
  2. Spray the back of the wallpaper with water. 
  3. Smooth to the wall and trim as needed.


What makes our wallpaper so perfect for kids' bedrooms? 

Other than being super easy to install, our Barbie Wallpaper, Hot Wheels Wallpaper and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks wallpaper is easy to take down. This is great if your child changes their mind and wants a new design as they get older, if you move house or if you are living in a rental property. 

Non-toxic and odourless

Forget about toxic paint and chemicals, BigKidCo wallpaper is 100% PVC free and contains a non-toxic corn starch based glue that is odourless. This makes it perfect for kids' bedrooms. 

Hot Wheels Wallpaper

A huge range of designs

You won't believe the huge range of licensed wallpaper available on our BigKidCo website! 


Whether your child loves the ocean adventures of Barbie Mermaid Power or would prefer tie dye, rainbows or floral prints, we have something for everyone with our range of Barbie Wallpaper.


Imagine the joy on your child's face as they walk into their room to a wall covered in their favourite Hot Wheels vehicles. Our range of Hot Wheels wallpaper is bright, engaging and comes in a range of colours, prints and patterns. 


If your child loves Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, they'll love this wallpaper! With a collection of colours and designs, this wallpaper is perfect for any little Hot Wheels Monster Trucks fan. 

Wallpaper murals

If our range of wallpaper isn't exciting enough, wait to you see our licensed murals! Your kids will love them! 

Our Barbie Wallpaper Murals, Hot Wheels Wallpaper Murals and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Wallpaper Murals are bright, colourful and will set the perfect scene for playtime in children's bedrooms or playrooms. 

Unlike the wallpaper, which is a repeating pattern, the murals are a single design that serves as the ultimate backdrop for Barbie, Hot Wheels or Hot Wheels Monster Trucks play! 

Budding performers will love our Barbie Stage Wallpaper Mural and Hot Wheels fans will adore the interactivity of our Hot Wheels Creatures Track Wallpaper Mural. 

Discover our range of licensed wallpaper

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