Who Wants a Hot Wheels Themed bedroom?

Your child's bedroom isn't just a place to sleep. It's somewhere for them to play, create and let their imagination go wild. Designing a room that reflects their personality and connects with their interests is so important. 

Create a Hot Wheels themed bedroom

If you have a little Hot Wheels enthusiast in your home, creating a Hot Wheels themed bedroom is sure to get them excited. Whether you go all out and create something outrageous, or just add a few subtle touches, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hot Wheels bedding

One of the easiest ways to bring the Hot Wheels theme into a kid's bedroom is with Hot Wheels bedding. There are plenty of different quilt cover set designs available from a variety of licensed retailers across the globe. 

Before you start decorating, you'll need to choose a colour scheme, which will help ensure all the bedroom accessories match.

Hot Wheels wallpaper

 Hot Wheels Wallpaper 

To make the ultimate statement in your child's bedroom, Hot Wheels Wallpaper is the way to go! At BigKidCo we have a huge range of Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Wallpaper in a range of engaging designs and colourful and crazy patterns that feature Hot Wheels vehicles and logos.

From Hot Wheels Surfboard Wallpaper to Hot Wheels Creatures Wallpaper, no matter what your son/daughter is into, we have a range of fun and exciting designs they will love!  

Hot Wheels wallpaper mural

Another fun option is our Hot Wheels Wallpaper Murals. Instead of repeating patterns, these are large designs that create the perfect backdrop for play. The interactive Hot Wheels Creatures Track Wallpaper Mural is a fun addition to any kid's bedroom or the Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Wallpaper Mural is a real showstopper! 


No kid's bedroom is complete without their favourite toys, and if they are big Hot Wheels' fans they're sure to have plenty to put on display. But what's the best way to display their Hot Wheels toys? 

Shelving is a great way to display all their Hot Wheels vehicles and other toys. Get creative and find storage options that allow you to display the cars individually to give that 'garaged' look on the shelf. Make sure they are at a handy height, so it's not too difficult to access them when your little ones are ready to play. 

Hot Wheels Art


Art is the perfect addition to any kid's bedroom, inspiring creativity and adding colour to the room. For eager Hot Wheels enthusiasts BigKidCo have an awesome range of Creative Art and Wall Art to help you create a Hot Wheels themed kid's bedroom. 

With our Creative Art collection kids can get busy colouring and painting and help decorate their room with their own art. These adhesive A3 art are available in a range of designs - with more than 20 super fun prints to choose from. 

Sticking your new Hot Wheels Creative Art to the wall is easy. Just spray the back of your art with water and apply it to the wall! It can be easily taken down or relocated to another spot by adding water and peeling it off. 

Also, when your kids decorate with Hot Wheels Creative Art, they can go in the draw to win some great prizes. To enter our Creative Art Competition, all they have to do is decorate their creative art, scan the QR code and fill out an entry form! 

If you'd prefer to have something ready to hang on the wall, our Hot Wheels spray and up or 3mm acrylic wall art will add a WOW factor to any Hot Wheels designed bedroom. Available in a range of colours, designs and patterns, it'll add a little 'vroom' to their bedroom. 

At BigKIdCo you'll find the biggest and best range of Hot Wheels Wallpaper, Murals and Wall Art. Grab your little ones and jump online to find their favourite designs!